Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twitter for Teachers

Twitter for teachers.  I learn so much by simply talking to teachers in the building.  How much more can I learn by talking to teachers from around the world?

  From personal experience...

      For the past year, I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with other educators.  Likewise, I have have been overwhelmed by the knowledge that I have taken from other teachers.  My computer is full of "links" and "favorites" based on Twitter alone. 
 Teachers from all around the world can share advice and experiences.It is an amazing thing.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great tool for teachers and students alike.  It works very similarly to MSWord.  For me, the biggest difference would be how much one can share.

  For example, I was particularly excited about the options that one has when using the "Document" tab.
Teachers can work on one document, collaboratively, in real time.  Students also have the the option to work on projects in this way. 

Digital Imaging

  I am pleased to learn more about digital imaging. I think the students would love it.  It would be a great tool for learners that are drawn to aesthetics. 
In my class...
  I would love to use digital imaging in my class.  The first thing that comes to me is creating a post card with the tools.  I could also use these tools with Power Point Presentations. 
 I can just see my students now. So many of them like to create.  These tools are just a different way of doing this.

Creative Commons

  I was pleased to learn about creative commons.  I plan on using it personally and professionally. On my other blog, I try to only use my own pictures.  I always felt that it was the only way to know if my photos were legal.  I think I am even more pleased, however, that I have a chance to teach students how to obtain legal visual media.


I just learned about Wordle.  It is a creation tool. You plug in random words and Wordle creates word clouds. I love it. I love creating and aesthetics.  Thus, I was taken with this activity.  In my class, students could use this with vocabulary. 
My bright idea:
  My students could search for adjectives within the target language to describe themselves. J